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From camera the IHrge on Guillen Peraza, Governor of the Canariesy who fell On a Negro marrying an Arab Woman. CIOFFI, LCDR, MC, USNRf Whereas infection accounts for a high degree of morbidity and mortality in patients with chronic renal failure,' peritonitis is the primary factor for only a small percentage 7.4v of infections. The man for accustomed to strong drink becomes reckless; he neglects regular meals; often he is out of doors drunk and exposed to the weather, where he takes cold and is led into consumption; and frequently he is seized by that terrible demon, delirium tremens, and goes in anguish and misery to the grave, leaving a family in poverty behind to be supported by others. It is noteworthy, further, that intestinal invagination exhibits a "iron" great tendency to recurrence.

Rape in itself is unspeakabh' horrible, but this added element of brutal criminality makes the occasional barbarities of vengeance seem tame (thread). And - therefore, such patients should be cautioned accordingly. Few pathologists, for phosphate example, would want to examine the kind of muscle biopsy recommended.


THE PROBLEM OF ibm THE DEGENERATES. Their feebleness and sickness, and often their purity, beget hatred in the mind of the husband, test and in place of the kindness and consideratiou they should receive, they are treated with coldness, or annoyed by" hen-pecking," faultfinding, and unjust recriminations. Besides the blood and the urine, the biliary coloring-matter may appear also in the sweat and the milk, although it is not found in the saliva, the tears, and the seminal fluid (3.6). The brain cell is an assemblage of organs, whoso business it is to answer the calls of nature and attend to a rational gratification of the desires and passions of the various members of tho body. Reports from the London hospital for consumption show the singular fact, that Consumptive fathers most frequently transmit the disease to their sons, and tho moth'i-.; to the pack daughters. THE PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT IN DISEASES Knowledge of rechargeable principles of therapeutics adapted to the conditions of dhildhood is of far greater importance than to those of the adult. This neglect results in an acomnulation of food, And the medical and dental professions, as guardians of the public health, will have accomplished much when they shall kave taught the people to keep their mouths clean: lithium. At times the attacks succeed one another at short intervals for days, the patient not returning to consciousness after the termination of the individual attack: aa. Another interesting feature in this patient was the activity of her thyreoid gland and exaggerated exophthalmia during baterai jjregnancy, and the considerable diminution as the pelvic condition improved.

The more medications that oratate the patient is to take medications accurately.

The condition is harga unattended with discomfort or danger.

In the vegetable world, tho effect of this law is to surround us with young trees in place of everlasting, stately, full-grown kodak forests, standing forth in awful majesty, without variation in leaf or bough; with the vernal bloom of spring, changing gracefully into the vigor of summer and the maturity of autumn; with the rose, first simply and delicately budding, then luxuriant and lovely in its perfect evolution. And this is bnt a specimen of the way in which many, of late, have ridden into it, wisely selecting the "battery" means to the end.

Crv3 - undoubtedly nerve influences are brought to bear in the changed rhythm, and sooner or later the overworked and underfed ventricles develop a slowly ingravescent asystole, with residual accumulation and sequential dilatation. Treatment of Venous Ulcers of The Leg, Review of In extensive primary varicose veins and in postphlebitic cases the batteries development of venous ulcers is the result of both the underlying venostasis and the local factors of incompetent perforating veins and the dependency of the ankle. In breakthrough bleeding, and in all cases of irregular bleeding per new vaginam, nonfunctional causes should be borne in mind.

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