April 30, 2003

Prayer Letters
April 2003 Prayer Letter

Dear Faithful Ones —

It Never Rains in California? I think that is the title or first phrase of a "Golden Oldies" song, but it is not true.

I spent a very rainy week in February with a staff colleague, Lynn Gill, visiting GFM Chapters in Southern California. Lynn started traveling in the fall to these campuses from her home in New Mexico. I joined her for this visit to Graduate Students and Faculty at UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and the Claremont Graduate School. Since the chapters don't have any resident GFM Staff, they are very eager to speak with a staff, so we were very well received.

What most caught my attention about these students was their commitment to prayer and fasting. At two of the campuses, UC Irvine and the Claremont Graduate School, the students were praying and fasting, asking God to be at work on their campuses.

I'll be joining Lynn again the weekend of June 20-22 in a Chapter Camp for the GFM Chapter Leaders in S. California, to do some Leadership Training and Planning for the next year. Pray that God will give the Leadership Teams of each campus a vision for His heart for their campus.

Answering Our Prayers

Thank you for your prayers for the Following Christ 2002 conference December 28 - January 2. God answered so many prayers! It was a delight to work with other staff and volunteers in all the different aspects of prayer: intercession, prayer ministry, praying before plenary sessions with the speakers, morning prayers, and complines (evening prayers). As one student put it: "The conference was excellent — it was just what my soul needed after my first semester in a Ph.D. program at a secular university!" (from the conference report, available in online in Acrobat format [522K]).

We also had the opportunity through a lunch discussion to begin a new GFM Initiative — Women in the Academy. We were able to have four women faculty and graduate students representing different career stages and fields of study share from their experiences. GFM Staff are now surveying women faculty and graduate students this spring to help collect data for this Initiative. Pray that the goals of doing research and providing resources to help equip women and men to be a redeeming influence for women in the academy will be met in the months and years to come through this Initiative.

If you would like to hear how the conference was first-hand, you can listen to the plenary talks at the conference website, FollowingChrist.org.

Sharing the Story

Between now and the end of the fiscal year (June 30), I will be telling the story of why I am doing what I do in ministry and asking people to give to support the work of GFM. Even through I have 19 new donors this year and 10 donors who have increased their giving, I have others who have needed to decrease and a few who have had to stop giving. Pray that I will find monthly donors that will add up to $1,100 a month and enough one-time gifts to erase my projected deficit of $5,000 by June 30. (If you'd like to give right away, you can do it online at my secure IVCF donation page.)

I know that some of you pray daily for me, and for that I am so thankful! I would especially appreciate it if you could make this "fiscal concern" a daily item of prayer for the next two months as I work on these support issues.

Hallelujah! What a Saviour

As we have journeyed through the Easter Season I have been reminded again of the Good News there is for us and others in the death and resurrection of Christ.

"Man of Sorrows!" What a name
For the Son of God who came
Ruined sinners to reclaim!
Hallelujah! What a Saviour!
— Phillip Bliss



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