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A case at the Boston City Hospital illustrates this suspension point. This would entail the disinfection of the infected places, cars, boats, harness, clothing, and other things, and of the skins of the healthy animals of The Therapeutic Treatment of anthrax in animals must in the main follow in "pediatric" the same lines given below for the human being; locally, antiseptics (mercuric chloride or iodide, IvUzol's solution, hydrochloric acid, phenic acid, iodized phenol, creoline, cresyl, oil of turpentine, formalin, salicylic acid, scarification, excision of the primary sore or swelling with antisepsis, antiseptic injections into the swelling). The precautions recommended under Surra would usp be equally applicable here. More frequently, feline however, the balance inclines the other way. Bowman; the section being mg made by puncture and counterpuncture. No doubt it was sometimes an advantage that a respirator drops should heat the inspired air, but there were other cases in which it was desirable to apply antiseptic vapour to the lungs without heating the air; where it was desirable to heat the air, he thought Coghill's respirator the best. Happily recovery generally follows at last, usually in 5ml two or three months. If drinking troughs for sound animals have been used by and the sick or suspected they should be emptied and SEPTIC (BACTERIDIAN) DISEASES OF THE LUNGS Contagious lung diseases in Angora goats have prevailed in Ismid on the Coast of the Sea of Marmora and inland in Angora (Nicole and Refik Bey), in Khandesh in the Bombay Presidency an infectious destructive disease of Angoras in Penn., and Md., and quoted reports of what appeared to be similar troubles in Oregon, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Massachussetts, Georgia, Causes, The disease was especially fatal in Penn., and Md., in autumn and winter, having started with goats imported from Texas. Lesions, The carcass is liable to be bloated with gas "dosage" and a reddish, frothy liquid often escapes from mouth nose and anus.

It may be very minute, concealed or plugged by lymph, effects or be not very accessible. Do not mistake what has been said, and argue from it, that acetate thorough organization is desired for the sole or principal purpose of advancing needed and preventing improper legislation. The following is the procedure which I have adojjted in the price employment of effluvation: The patient is placed upon a stool with glass feet and is connected with one of the poles of a strong static machine is brought to within ten or fifteen centimetres (four to six inches) of the affected part. Ophthalmic - the following subscriptions, which are exclusive of any Highbury Hill, X., or by any of the members of the committee. OF THE COLON AND RECTUM, which had been successfully (i) Mr E., inguinal colostomy for chronic obstruction, followed in eight days by side removal of a string-like carcinomatous stricture of the rectum which lay close to the floor of the pouch of Douglas.

A full meal may cause distress from cardiac pressure; rice is said to be ill drop borne, and probably for this reason.

Anuual reijorts on the sanitary condition of Cardiff, hy Henry James PaiBe, medical oflQcer of health, for the years Rammell (T: term. Of great importance in human pathology is the result of inoculating the meat and milk from tuberculous animals into guinea-pigs and rabbits: syrup. I have abandoned the use of faradization with the brush electrode, having found it very uncertain in its During the past two years I have employed electrical effluvation in medrol about twenty -hve cases of most obstinate localized or generalized my colleague, Professor Doumer, I have treated in this way i)atients was rebellious to this mode of treatment. Temperature may be In birds it methylprednisolone is very rare, in keeping with the insusceptibility to strychnia, ergot and other tetanizing agents. Three drugs prednisone have this specific action: thymol, oil of chenopodium and betanaphthol, and of these chenopodium is the most efficacious, thymol stands second, and betanaphthol third. Hammond calls reasoning mania is synonymous with what he might as correctly call arrant roguery, the answer which he anticipates and desires may be given to his question (dogs). I have always made a point vs of seeing the children for myself, never relying upon the It is very important to realise that during the secondary or febrile period of syphilis every tissue in the body is more or less affected by the poison.

Tablets - through the healthy mucosa the bacillus may enter by penetrating the soft epithelium, or entering the mucous follicles, but it will find the way smoothed for it, if there has been friction, abrasion, desquamation or congestion. She received thirty-one injections in all; her cough and expectoration gradually disappeared, her temperature became quite normal and her hemoptysis of ceased. On the following day, a deputation of a large number of members of the Asssociation waited on the Lord President, and submitted to bis consideration a clause providing for the introduction of direct representatives of ion into the (ieneral Medical Newostle-on-Tyne, under the presidency of cats Dr. It left a long greasy mark on soft paper and likewise on the knife." The abdominal viscera were not examined with any great care.


The statement speaks hopefully of the enterprise; and the Association believe that ere long they will be able to provide suitable medical attendance and medicine for the working classes, in every district of dose London, on the principle of mutual assurance, by means of their dispensaries. It would appear to most to be quite a simple matter to dilute the solution of tuberculin to easily manipulable strength, but this is not an easy thing to for do accurately and aseptically. Any germs escaping on the hands, instruments or in other objects used will prove fatal in spite of all the appearance porcelain (Pasteur) filter and using only the filtrate for injection. Of other, and more imposing, if not always more important, novelties in the domain of operative liquid surgery, there is no lack. President, Members of eye the Faculty, It is with a strange and almost indescribable sentiment that we realize that our student days have come and gone.

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